We are — an online shop that sells wine all over Europe and with the expansion to Asia in the works.

It's easy to work with us:


  1. We offer a varied range of great wines that sell very well
  2. High average order value
  3. We offer some of the best shipping conditions in Europe and also provide free shipping on large orders
  4. Regular promotion opportunities and special offers are available
  5. We store your cookies for 90 days
  6. You can receive automatic payments through PayPal or Bank Transfer
  7. We are always here to provide any level of support you might need


You can be our partner If you run a website, have a blog or any other kind of online community or you’re just a wine lover with lots of friends. Wine, food, travelling, lifestyle would work best but we can think outside the box as well in order to help you monetize your traffic.

You can use text, product or banner links, any other kind of ads or you can just share your recommendations with your friends by email, at your Facebook, Twitter, at online forums, etc. You’re absolutely free with your strategy.

  1. Step 1: Fill out the form and register online — it takes less than a minute
  2. Step 2: Get and share your partner link
  3. Step 3: Track the sales results at your affiliate profile on our site
  4. Step 4: Earn fees for each purchase made with your link

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