Dear 8Wines customers, it is our pleasure to inform you about the various developments and new features at our online wine shop.


As we continue to grow we have significantly expanded our inventory with the aim of continuing to offer you a wider variety of premium and great value wines. We continue adding different wineries and wines to our New Zealand and USA portfolios. Ohau Sauvignon Blanc 2014 is an excellent value pick while Te Mata Awatea 2013 is a great example of old and new world wine making mixing together to produce intriguing results. In addition to our existing premium US brands we have started to offer three more in Honig, Domaine Eden, and Blackbird Vineyards.  Honig and Domaine Eden according to several critics interestingly enough are quite similar in winemaking style to Caymus and Ridge Vineyards (at a lower cost) while Blackbird Vineyards Arise 2012 is a celebrated example of a Bordeaux blend from the Napa Valley. We have also added some excellent value Zinfandels, Cabernet Sauvignons, and other varietals from Hope Family Wines and Murphy Goode.


We enjoy Croatian wines and plan to offer a variety of them at 8Wines. We decided to get the ball rolling with Matusko and Krauthacker. If you never tried them before, here is your chance to do so now!


It is our firm belief that some of the best white wines in Europe come from Austria. To start us off on that journey of exploration we decided to go with a less known but an excellent producer from Wagram on the Danube next to the legendary Wachau region - Weingut Schuster and a very well known and respected Weingut Neumeister from the Styria region.


We have dramatically expanded our selection of Italian wines. In addition to our existing premium brands such as Franz Haas, Gaja, Castellare di Castellina, and Capanelle we have added more than 10 new wineries to our portfolio. Sardinia is represented by the darling of the wine critics Agricola Punica and a relative unknown U Tabarka, which we rate very highly and whose wines provide great value. We then have two excellent wineries working with the Nebbiolo grape in Aurelio Settimo  from Piedmont, producing some of the best traditional Barolos and Conti Sertoli Salis from Lombardy famous for their Valtellina. Make sure to check out our selection from world famous Sicilian Tasca D’Almerita and several otstanding wineries Stefano Accordini, Corte Figaretto, Inama, and Cavalchina Azienda Agricola from Veneto producing great Valpolicellas, Soaves, and surprisingly enough a critically acclaimed Carmenere. Poggio Bestiale 2012  from Fattoria di Magliano in Maremma is not be missed and is a favorite of several wine critics.  Manincor from Alto Adige makes some excellent fully certified Bio wines, not compromising on quality and loved both by the industry experts and the public.


So please make the time and browse through some of our recent additions. Wines need to be enjoyed and to hopefully motivate you a bit more to take a chance on some of them we would like to offer you this promotional code CUSTEXP-HSTW that will give you 8 Pounds off your next minimal purchase of 99 Pounds at our shop.


We are also continuing our work on decreasing the shipping costs and passing the savings through to you. Please let us know which further improvements you would like to see at our shop as well as any wine in particular you would like to try and that we don’t currently offer.


We hope you will enjoy our wines responsively but with gusto!